Excerpts off Beginner Guide [ revise ]

Excerpts off Beginner Guide [ revise ]

Sooner the fresh news media and you may size communications system gives a strong media education centered on a beneficial biblical worldview that may prepare your into work God keeps for you.

Dubious Certificates [ revise ]

The faculty seem to have really dubious certificates. A number of the employees hold the student and you will scholar amounts off Bob Jones College or university by itself. While it is very common to possess a college to engage the own graduates, the problem is the individuals just who had the levels of BJU earned her or him once the university try unaccredited. A typical example of this is certainly the seminary professors features their Bachelors courtesy Ph.D’s (otherwise Doc out of Ministry stages for some of your teams) of Bob Jones University. You to ministry agencies faculty member keeps a king out-of Theology studies out-of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, an enthusiastic unaccredited seminary into the Michigan. A cooking arts “instructor” has only a great Bachelor out of Arts degree into the Bible Studies away from Bob Jones University.

Bob Jones Academy [ revise ]

BJU have created a fundamental/middle/senior school when you look at the South carolina. It keeps a dynamic speech and you can debate people, that may otherwise may well not feed people into recognized fundy school argument programs within Independence University and Patrick Henry College. Creationism are heavily incorporated into the newest instruction. Criteria having admissions were several letters regarding testimonial away from a church and you will a household interview. When you are seemingly since the rigorous once the university, BJA’s college students keeps a relatively simpler day bypassing the rules. The latest BJA symbol is actually exhibited on tiles in the floors throughout the latest senior high school. If one methods towards expression, accidental otherwise, the individual would need to get down on their knees and you may wipe this new expression which have a brush, as it is BJA customs.

This new BJU pupil handbook try a great see. Only upperclassmen are permitted to possess facial hair, but it really should not be mature during campus. :p.30 Multiple paragraphs try created decrying new worst off tunes and you will movies. :p.25 BJU decides college student decisions during campus, in the home, or of working (we.elizabeth. all the time). You’ll find conditions and terms regarding whom youngsters can be live with while out-of campus (a relative over 23 of the identical intercourse). :p.35 Students commonly in order to get married until the age of 20 otherwise through the a semester but are encouraged to marry right that you could after turning 20. :p.37 Women’s jeans must not be more than dos ins a lot more than the new leg. :p.30 BJU are notoriously known for offering demerits to possess infringements eg maybe not gonna church the necessary five times weekly. :p.41 In the event the enough demerits are gotten, students is subsequent extorted fined otherwise freed expelled. Inside “carrying out their disciplinary system as an exclusive informative establishment,” BJU says they may always check room, cell phones, machines, and you can email address profile any moment unconditionally “in the event the considered required.” :p.46 In fact, it really works as the people feel they can not object which consent to the research, therefore it is scarcely judge. Appendix A and B will be classic arguments against abortion and you may transgender individuals, and appendix C are an article in the resistance of such some thing as homosexuality, “sexual reality,” and you will “untrue philosophical or religious presumptions-by far the most risky, yet the very missed, of all the objectionable points.” :p.62

BJU Force [ revise ]

BJU Press try supposedly the most significant supply of homeschooling books within the the us, which can be allegedly the biggest blogger in South carolina.

The requirement for teenagers to fund hair in the a great biblical styles try elevated in the early nineties when they realized that church hats in fact lookup very pimpin’ and therefore is evil. Women can be however required to don dresses one to slip underneath the legs, and you may denim trousers for sometimes sex are generally frowned-upon. :p.twenty eight

All programs have this type of wording and these programs are supposed to prep people for the work force. Recent graduates are not only trained for professional work but they are also trained to convert co-workers to usually the one correct faith Christianity! Still don’t believe us? The Bachelor of fcn chat Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication will, as they put it:

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